Church: Holy Ghost Catholic Church Newburg, MD
Reception Venue: Olde Breton Inn
Dress: Davids Bridal
Hair & Make-up: Hair Company
Flowers: Scarborough Farms
DJ: Dreamscope Entertainment
Catering: Bailey’s Catering
Transportation: Keller Bus & Legacy Limosines


These college sweethearts were married back in June in a gorgeous Catholic ceremony, where the groom’s grandfather performed much of the program. It was the sweetest to hear him speak on his marriage to Brian’s grandmother, and his hopes for the future of these two. Once vows were said, rings and kisses exchanged, family and friends joined Anastasia & Brian for an amazing celebration at Olde Breton Inn! The view from the back of the manor is just stunning! The edge of the water peeks out over the trees, and with the sun setting at it’s right…it’s a magical sight for sure! Anastasia & Brian, thank you so much for having me! Your wedding day was absolutely stunning, and I am so happy to have been able to capture it!


Getting married?! I’m actively booking 2017 weddings! Email for more information!




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I’ve been a bad bad blogger! I know, I know…but with my new schedule, I should be able to keep up with the “extras” more simply…because it’s literally all on my calendar!

Anywho, I fully intend to blog every session (at least the engagements) I’ve done this year. So, if you haven’t seen yours yet, its coming!

When I first heard of Rachel & Sean’s 2017 wedding plans, I KNEW I wanted to shoot that wedding! These two love Maryland, and are getting married on the beautiful Maryland Eastern Shore! Sean’s sister is one of my incredible friends (who is also a photographer)…and when Sean & Rachel were on the hunt for a photographer since my friend is a bridesmaid, she recommended me!! I’m always so honored to be referred. Seriously there is no better compliment out there!

In keeping with their love for water, Rachel & Sean wanted to photograph their engagement session in Annapolis! There was a catch though! They wanted to stay by the water, and have minimal city photographs. Have you seen DTA?? Sure its a town on the water…but the water view is about |        | this big! I was up for the challenge! DTA (Downtown Annapolis) is no joke when parking is concerned, so they came over via water taxi! I haven’t ever taken the water taxi, but I officially want to! Ha! Rachel is equally sweet as she is beautiful, and Sean is so handsome and can make anyone within ear shot crack a smile and let out a giggle. These two had no trouble showing affection for one another, which was awesome for me and made my job super easy!

Eventually we headed over to Eastport to the Annapolis Maritime Museum to use their docks. Something especially sweet about this location, is that you could see the Chesapeake Bay Bridge from there. One year from now, they’ll be crossing that bridge to say I do…and that’s one thing that doesn’t happen over the bridge AND stay over the bridge!

Rachel & Sean-1_Annapolis_Engagement_PhotoRachel & Sean-12_Annapolis_Engagement_PhotoRachel & Sean-13_Annapolis_Engagement_PhotoRachel & Sean-18_Annapolis_Engagement_PhotoRachel & Sean-22_Annapolis_Engagement_PhotoRachel & Sean-27_Annapolis_Engagement_PhotoRachel & Sean-35_Annapolis_Engagement_PhotoRachel & Sean-38_Annapolis_Engagement_PhotoRachel & Sean-42_Annapolis_Engagement_PhotoRachel & Sean-46_Annapolis_Engagement_PhotoRachel & Sean-48_Annapolis_Engagement_PhotoRachel & Sean-52_Annapolis_Engagement_PhotoRachel & Sean-55_Annapolis_Engagement_PhotoRachel & Sean-63_Annapolis_Engagement_PhotoRachel & Sean-68_Annapolis_Engagement_PhotoRachel & Sean-78_Annapolis_Engagement_PhotoRachel & Sean-84_Annapolis_Engagement_PhotoRachel & Sean-86_Annapolis_Engagement_PhotoRachel & Sean-92_Annapolis_Engagement_PhotoRachel & Sean-105_Annapolis_Engagement_Photo

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Last October, I took this dream of mine full time. More on that story later, but when I made that leap I was so hopeful for a better life of less stress and more time with my family and friends.

HA! I could laugh at my naive self over and over! When I worked full time, I had a set schedule. I got up, took the baby to the sitter, went to work, picked the baby up, went home, get the baby to bed, start working on business (editing, paperwork, etc.), got to sleep around 1 am, then wake up 5 hours later and do it all over again the next day. Weekends were spent shooting a portrait session, or wedding…and I was EXHAUSTED. I was drained beyond belief, but I had a schedule and that helped keep me focused.

Once I’d finally had enough, I found it so refreshing at first to just be able to decide when I was doing things. I got to go to the park with my daughter in the middle of the day. I was able to actually do housework…and answer inquiries for weddings or sessions as soon as they hit my inbox. But soon, this lack of schedule, and “always open” office hours were taking its toll…and I didn’t know how to stop. I had set the precedence that I was going to answer emails or messages within seconds, and began setting impossible turnaround time standards for myself…that all only created unnecessary stress and anxiety. I was praised for responding so quickly to emails. Praised for a two day turnaround on portraits. Praised for this and for that….but my family suffered for it. My daughter…she suffered for it.

I’d started to check my emails constantly, probably at least 20 times a day. I’d come home from a session on a Sunday and edit it immediately.

“I just need to send this one email.”
“I just need to respond to this inquiry really quick.”
“Mommy can’t play right now, just a minute.”

When I worked full time as a Nurse, I was stressed, unhappy, and so tired of spending absolutely no time with the daughter I’d worked so hard to bring into this world. I was going through the motions of life, without actually living! I quit my full time job last year to take back control of my life. To be able to do the thing I loved, while getting to spend precious time with my family. I didn’t notice that I was doing to myself, exactly what I had fought to get away from. If I kept going at the rate I had been, burn out would be inevitable, and I just can’t let that happen!

SO! I’ve put myself back on a schedule. I’ve been sort of on a schedule for months now, but with the husband on a different shift, Lyla in a million places on different days, my busiest season ever coming up at warped speed…I need a schedule that is set in freaking stone!

My office hours will be Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, starting next week! Wednesday is Lyla’s dance night, so we’ve moved some days around to make that an off day so the day is a little less stressful. Wednesday and Thursday are what I call “Lyla days”. These days I will have limited office time. Generally, nap time will be the only time I dedicate on Lyla days to do any sort of office work. This incredible little girl deserves to have my full attention when we are together…and doesn’t deserve to be ignored while I answer emails or edit for hours. Office hours might vary every once in a while (sometimes more, rarely less) but for the most part, this is what the week will look like.

Recently, some have noticed that I changed to only scheduling portrait sessions & engagement sessions on weekdays. That is correct! My weekends are often filled with shooting weddings, and sometimes I don’t see a weekend off for months! My sweet husband works all week long, and our little family of three deserves time together too. So, weekends will be reserved for weddings, or family time. I do love shooting portraits so I will absolutely continue shooting portrait sessions during the week! There will be absolutely no office work or sessions scheduled on Sunday’s. With the exception of a wedding, Sundays will be spent in church, with family and friends, recharging for the week ahead.

The amount of time I’m spending on work isn’t changing, I’m only being more intentional with the time and when it happens. I’ll spare you the details of what exactly is on the schedule for each day, but know that you will be well taken care of, as always!



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Its World Breastfeeding Week!!…and this WHOLE month is National Breastfeeding Month! **cue confetti!**

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you know that I promote and advocate breastfeeding. Let me begin by saying that I am not in any way discriminating against, or putting down bottle or formula feeding (Lyla got formula for a few days when we thought I didn’t have enough milk…which turned out to be normal cluster feeding!). I believe that providing your child with nourishment, whether by bottle or breast, is what matters first and foremost.

With that said, I am a HUGE advocate for breast feeding! I was so blessed to be able to nurse my sweet Lyla Blaise for a whole year when she then decided to wean herself. We saved so much money (yay!) and I had a bond with her that no one else did. Making the decision to breast feed is a big deal for some moms. It takes work, and so much support from family and even friends! I had a great network of supportive family and friends, and only ran into problems with people being offended or awkward once or twice in the whole year. I pumped at work, and was so lucky to have a supportive workplace that provided the breaks I needed and the private space to express milk (even though I did get walked in on a couple times! ha!).

Some mom’s aren’t so lucky! Some don’t have a supportive family, because their generation only formula fed…and breast feeding was a “hippie” thing to do. Some don’t have supportive friends, because breasts are considered sexual. Some don’t have supportive workplaces, because their bosses don’t consider pumping a priority. When I nursed, I had to do a lot of educating of my family and friends…because breast feeding just wasn’t something any of us knew a lot about! It’s so unfortunate when a new mom suffers in her breast feeding journey, because family and friends refuse to be educated, and refuse to support her. It makes me so sad! THIS friends, is why we have WBW & National Breastfeeding Month! To promote breastfeeding as something that is NORMAL and so so very beautiful! I mean, our bodies are capable of creating AND sustaining a life! How awesome is that!?

My first time nursing in public! Ironically, at the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer!!


I’m a total supporter of breastfeeding selfies…#normalizebreastfeeding <3





Breastfeeding was something I was SO proud of myself for doing. I was so excited when I got to have breast feeding portraits done with Jessica Lacey Photography!



To celebrate WBW & National Breastfeeding Month, I’m hosting Breastfeeding Mini Sessions! August 14th in Upper Marlboro, MD, and August 15th in Saint Leonard, MD. These will include nursing and mommy & me images. Please email for more details! Thank you to my sweet friend Maggie for being my model in these!







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For more than a year, I’ve wanted to participate in a styled shoot, and I’ve wanted to be published. I love planning and organizing {I think I might be in the wrong branch of this business…LOL}, and I love seeing a vision come to life. Last year I made myself push through fears, and do the things I wanted to do but were always too afraid to do. This year I’ve continued to do that, but this time I’m not just saying yes to opportunities, I’m making them happen.

The Pursuit Community has been an incredible group in my life for the last two years. Last October, I had the privilege of attending the Pursuit Conference, and it was one of the most incredible and inspiring experiences of my life. I still have yet to blog about my experience at the conference…but I promise to do that soon.

I met Sara, of Sara Reynolds Events, through our local Pursuit Community group once or twice at our monthly gatherings. She’s a local wedding planner that is insanely talented and I was just dying to work with her! I typed out the message…then deleted it. I typed it out again, took a deep breath, and clicked send. I immediately felt anxiety build up in the pit of my stomach…but that was short lived and unnecessary, because she loved the idea! I gave her my ideas, we searched high and low for a venue, and she ran with it. I can’t get over how she took my scraps of paper and unorganized Pinterest board and made it into more than I could have imagined.

All of these vendors are insanely talented and I am so blessed to have been able to collaborate with them all. It’s because of them that our shoot has been featured on Fab You Bliss!

Venue: Irvine Nature Center
Event Planner: Sara Reynolds Events
Photographer: Katrina Graham Photography
Foral Design: The Little Garden Spot
Stationary: Ribbon & Ink
Hair & Makeup: Behind the Veil, LLC
Rentals: Party Plus Tents & Events
Lighting & Draping: Go Event Pro
Cake: Whipped

Our insanely gorgeous models are actually sweet friends of mine! They’re a real life married couple, almost 5 years and one baby later, they continue to radiate love and affection. Their connection is beyond evident, and they made every shot look so easy!

So, finally, enjoy the fruits of our labor…this stunning shoot, inspired by the forest.

Katrina Graham Photography-4739

Katrina Graham Photography-5526_Forest-Wedding-Inspiration

Katrina Graham Photography-5531_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-4760_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-4815_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-4805_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-4905_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-4846_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-4851_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-4889_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-4954_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-4844_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-4914_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-5059_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-5060_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-5072_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-5017_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-5027_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-5008_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-4994_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-5030_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-5201_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-5225_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-5207_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-5192_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-5037_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-5050_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-5038_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-5265_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-5145_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-5165_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-5189_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-5570_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-5553_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-5125_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-5334_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-5350_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-5453_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-5454_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-5472_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-5497_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-5474_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-5487_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-5500_Forest-Wedding-InspirationKatrina Graham Photography-5464_Forest-Wedding-Inspiration

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