Meet Katrina

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BA_AboutPagePhoto3 What started as a teenage hobby on a borrowed film camera, grew an unwavering hunger to create timeless images that would be cherished for generations.

Hi! My name is Katrina Graham, and I am a Wedding & Portrait Photographer. Let me tell you a little about myself. — I married my high school sweetheart in October 2011, and became a mother to our beautiful daughter, Lyla, in March 2014. Our Black Lab, Molly, is the sweetest and most rambunctious dog you will ever meet.

I believe in lifetime loves, in families that stick together, and that there is nothing better than the smell of a new baby. Ready or not, life moves forward. New chapters to your story are written every day, and it’s the memories on those pages that will become your history. The photographs? Those become heirlooms.

I have the absolute need to photograph life. Minutes become memories all too soon, and my goal as your photographer is to help preserve and tell your story. I look forward to meeting you and chatting about life, love, and photography. For booking, visit the contact page today!