Megan & Aaron | Greenwell State Park Engagement | Southern Maryland Wedding Photographer

The story of how I met Megan is kind of funny. My husband and her dad, worked together. Okay, well maybe it’s not that funny. Anywho, some of the employees bought a chocolate lab puppy for her family as a gift. I, like any newlywed wanted to have a baby…so my husband bought me a puppy. HA! Nice try, honey! Our black lab is from the same litter as their chocolate lab! When they were still puppies we got them together for puppy play dates a few times…and thats when I met Megan! Since then, every year, we wish each others pup a happy birthday..complete with Facebook announcements! It’s fun to know my fur baby’s sibling in real life!

Megan & Aaron are so freaking adorable! I am in love with how he loves her. He speaks to her with kind words and has nothing but wonderful things to say when it comes to his lady. Megan is an absolute beauty! Inside and out, she’s incredible, and together these two are in it for the long haul. I can’t wait for their amazing wedding this August!

Megan & Aaron-2880_Greenwell-State-Park-Engagement-Photo-MarylandMegan & Aaron-2864_Greenwell-State-Park-Engagement-Photo-MarylandMegan & Aaron-2835_Greenwell-State-Park-Engagement-Photo-MarylandMegan & Aaron-2815_Greenwell-State-Park-Engagement-Photo-MarylandMegan & Aaron Engagement-2784_Greenwell-State-Park-Engagement-Photo-MarylandMegan & Aaron-2792_Greenwell-State-Park-Engagement-Photo-MarylandMegan & Aaron-2775_Greenwell-State-Park-Engagement-Photo-MarylandMegan & Aaron-2786_Greenwell-State-Park-Engagement-Photo-MarylandMegan & Aaron-3044_Greenwell-State-Park-Engagement-Photo-MarylandMegan & Aaron-2621_Greenwell-State-Park-Engagement-Photo-MarylandMegan & Aaron-2633_Greenwell-State-Park-Engagement-Photo-MarylandMegan & Aaron-2720_Greenwell-State-Park-Engagement-Photo-MarylandMegan & Aaron-2711_Greenwell-State-Park-Engagement-Photo-MarylandMegan & Aaron-2764_Greenwell-State-Park-Engagement-Photo-MarylandMegan & Aaron-2645_Greenwell-State-Park-Engagement-Photo-MarylandMegan & Aaron-2973_Greenwell-State-Park-Engagement-Photo-MarylandMegan & Aaron-2964_Greenwell-State-Park-Engagement-Photo-MarylandMegan & Aaron-2895_Greenwell-State-Park-Engagement-Photo-MarylandMegan & Aaron Engagement-2919_Greenwell-State-Park-Engagement-Photo-MarylandMegan & Aaron-2676_Greenwell-State-Park-Engagement-Photo-MarylandMegan & Aaron-3065_Greenwell-State-Park-Engagement-Photo-Maryland

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